The 12″

No, not the foot-long meatball sub from Jimmy’s Deli… and we’re not referring to ungodly masculine endowment, either.

This 12-inch lived on our turntables in the 80s… the remix records that hundreds of artists released, giving us a whole new way to appreciate our favorite songs, by giving us even more to love (usually in the 6 to 7-minute range).

The 12-inch actually got its start in the mid-70s as a promotional idea for clubs, but it wasn’t until the 80s that it really took off and flew off the shelves of Musiclands and Sam Goodys across the country.

Everyone, it seemed, got in on the action, including INXS with their excellent 12-inch remix of “New Sensation”, Animotion giving “Obsession” a new spin (if you will), and even Jane Wiedlin turning the tables (ah, these puns!) with her 12-inch version of “Rush Hour”.

Of course we could sit here all day long listing the various and sundry 12-inch remixes that we added to our collection during our favorite decade…

Instead, we’ll pause while you listen to one of the better ones–– OMD’s 6-minute remix of “If You Leave”:

These days the “12-inch remix” is still around (even though the 12-inch itself has pretty much flown the coop), but it’ll never be quite as good as the 80s version (is anything, really?).

We ♥ the 12″.


~ by weheart80s on July 27, 2012.

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