A View to a Kill

“Meeting you with a view to a kill. Face to face in secret places, feel the chill…”

When Duran Duran took the stage at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia for Live Aid in July 1985, they had just moved in to the top spot on the Billboard charts with their 2nd (and last, to date) number one song.

(Yes, it’s true–– Duran Duran has only had two #1 hits… ever. But we digress.)

Duran Duran opened their Live Aid set with what happened to be the #1 song in the U.S. at the time–– the title theme to the new James Bond flick A View to a Kill. It was called (oddly enough) “A View to a Kill”.

Written by the Fab Five with composer John Barry, the song was vintage Duran Duran, despite the fact that Simon, John, Nick, Andy, and Roger hadn’t been in a studio together for a year.

And somehow they also managed to put their creative differences aside long enough to make a video, too. Sure, it was (by far!) the cheesiest and silliest video they had ever done… but it was nice to see the guys back together again.

Not only was “A View to a Kill” the last Duran Duran #1, it was the last song we would EVER hear from the original lineup until their 2004 reunion CD Astronaut, almost 20 years later. And the song was (and is) also the only James Bond title song to hit #1. No one… not Paul McCartney, not Madonna, not even Lulu could make a Bond song top the charts.

“A View to a Kill” spent 17 weeks on the Hot 100 chart overall, and it helped make the summer of 1985 a very Duran Duran summer.

Who knew (*sniff*) it would be our last?

We ♥ A View to a Kill.


~ by weheart80s on August 1, 2012.

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