The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime

“This is one million dollars…”

In January 1986, the world of TV game shows was thrown for a loop when a new one arrived on the scene offering something that no show had offered before–– the chance to win $1,000,000.

The aptly-titled (if verbose) $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime was… well, crazy. One meeeellion dollars? Really? Okay, we just GOTTA see this!

Hosted by Jim “Name That Tune” Lange, the show pitted two married couples against each other in a series of fill-in-the-blank word battles. (Think Wheel of Fortune meets Scrabble, and you’re there.) The winner of those battles then moved on to the bonus round where they were stuffed into a booth (after being escorted there by a uniformed security guard) and made to guess six more words (from a predetermined category) in sixty seconds.

If they did it once, they could walk away with $5,000… or give it back and try again on day two. If they won AGAIN, they could walk away with $10,000… or give it back and try again on day three. And if they won AGAIN (AGAIN!)… they had no choice but to walk away with a cool million in their pocket.


In the nineteen months that $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime lasted (it ended in September 1987), only nine couples won the million buckaroos.

Sure, these days million-dollar game shows are dime-a-dozen (well, not really–– but just play along…) but only the 80s can claim the show that started it all.

We ♥ The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime.

~ by weheart80s on August 2, 2012.

One Response to “The $1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime”

  1. My wife and I were the first winners on this show. We were sorry to hear of the passing of Jim Lange this year. He was a real gentleman.

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