Capri Sun

“There’s only one (only one!) Capri Sun! It’s great-tasting fun when you punch open one!”

Were you a cool kid?

Did you have a Swatch or two? Did you sport OP shorts and a Coca-Cola shirt? Were you up on all the latest arcade games?

Well, if so–– we’re willing to bet that your lunchbox also included that silver pouch of happiness we know as Capri Sun.

First hitting grocery store shelves in 1981, Capri Sun took the whole ‘juice box’ idea and turned it on its head. No longer did you have to sit in the cafeteria and punch your straw into that square cardboard box with Juicy Juice emblazoned on the outside. No sir. You could take a seat at the cool table now.

Originally sold in five flavors (Lemonaaaade, Apple/Orange/Fruit Punch, neeewwww Grape. It’s Capri Sun!) each pouch contained eight ounces of juicy heaven, and it defied all laws of gravity and physics by standing up on its end. Seriously! A pouch that could stand up! Crazy!

Sure, nine times out of ten you would accidentally punch your straw THROUGH the whole thing and out the other side… but even social gaffes like that were forgiven, thanks to the fact that you were cool enough to be up on the newest things.

Of course Capri Sun is still around and going strong today. And though the fluid output has shrunk to six ounces, Kraft has made up for that skimpiness by adding more than thirty new flavors over the years (‘Berry Tangerine Morning’ anyone?).

We’re not sure if Capri Sun is still the coolest thing since sliced bread (we doubt it), but for kids in the 80s, there really WAS only one Capri Sun.

We ♥ Capri Sun.

~ by weheart80s on August 3, 2012.

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  1. And I’m back in primary school again.

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