Get in Shape, Girl!

“Get in shape, girl! You’ll love the feeling! Get in shape, girl! It’s so appealing!”

As if young girls in the 80s didn’t have enough pressure… to wear the right Swatches, leg warmers, and friendship bracelets… we also had to make sure we were slim and pretty, too.

Thank heavens we had Get in Shape, Girl! at our disposal.

Hasbro’s aerobics-in-a-box ‘toy’ hit shelves in the mid 80s, giving us all that we needed to maintain our girlish (well, we WERE girls, after all) figure.

Jump ropes, dumbbells, terry wrist- and headbands, and let’s not forget the fabulous ribbon-on-a-stick… all so we could get off the couch and get our fat asses in shape.

Plus–– each Get in Shape, Girl! pack also included a cassette with ‘popular’ music and how-to instructions. Genius!

As it turns out, Hasbro coincided the launch of their hot new ‘toy’ with the success of the 1984 U.S. Gymnastics team, so we could actually write off getting/buying Get in Shape, Girl! as a way to just emulate our heroes.

Or… maybe our parents just thought we were fat.

Get in Shape, Girl! actually made a bit of a comeback in the mid 2000s (after Hasbro sold the rights), but it has since gone to that giant aerobics studio in the sky.

Looking back, we actually did have a good time with Get in Shape, Girl! (yes, the exclamation mark is part of the name)… but somehow we never made it to the Olympics.

Oh well.

We’d sue, but these days we’re just too lazy.

We ♥ Get in Shape, Girl!


~ by weheart80s on August 7, 2012.

One Response to “Get in Shape, Girl!”

  1. I think my mom got this for me because I WAS fat. In any case, I recently posted this throwback item to social media and everyone that posted back that they used and loved this item turned out to be very active and fit as adults – perhaps a little encouragement was a good thing afterall? There is nothing like this now and look where we are with our inactive youths? I know this is an old blog – just couldn’t help commenting!

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