♫ ♪”Once upon a dream I think I lived inside a fairy tale. When someone great was lost, when some dark void was crossed…” ♪ ♪

Boy… Montana sure is a long way from Dar-Shan. Good thing there’s a flying purple horse with a red mane there to help Princess Sara get back and forth.

If you have even the slightest idea of what we’re talking about, congratulations! You are cordially invited to join the Official Wildfire Fan Club.

One of the 80s most forgotten cartoons, Wildfire premiered on CBS in the fall of 1986 (at 8:30, right after Berenstain Bears)… but by mid-December it was gone–– after just 13 measly episodes.

The story was pretty good–– After being rescued from her home planet and left on the doorstep of a Montana ranch when she was a baby, Sara grew up seemingly unaware of her true standing in the universe. (Turns out this was actually a good thing, lest the evil Lady Diabolyn were to find out and hunt down young Sara when she was but an infant. Gracious!)

But then Sara turned twelve, and the brave steed Wildfire knew the young princess was old enough to help fight the good fight back on Dar-Shan and attempt to regain her throne…

And so the surprisingly enjoyable Wildfire cartoon (from Hanna-Barbera) was born.

Bouncing back and forth between Montana (and Sara’s Native American pal Ellen) and Dar-Shan (and kindly old sorcerer Alvinar and Sara’s other compadres), the young princess led quite a life for a twelve-year-old. If nothing else, having to be always on the lookout for Diabolyn and her nefarious ways was a full-time job. (Diabolyn’s Goon henchman Dweedle? Not so much.)

A clever and creative backstory, a smart and capable young female lead, and a wicked cool horse… what was there NOT to love about Wildfire? And how, most amazingly of all, was there not a toy line and a Wildfire breakfast cereal to go along with it?

At least we know that Wildfire and Sara were still together long after the series was cancelled; it takes a special kind of animal to turn down the post of King of the Horses in order to stay with his little blonde-haired princess. But at the end of the last episode, that’s just what he did.

And we love him for it. Too bad we were the only ones.

We ♥ Wildfire.


~ by weheart80s on August 9, 2012.

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  1. Where can i go on line to buy wild fire cartoon on dvd

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