Pocket Rockers

“Here come Pocket Rockers! Tiny tapes, tiny players!”

As much as we loved hitting the record stores and scooping up the latest albums (or CDs or cassettes) in the 80s, there was one thing we just couldn’t do with them.

That’s right… we couldn’t WEAR our music.

Until 1988, that is–– when Pocket Rockers arrived.

Suddenly we could broadcast to the world that we loved Debbie Gibson, Phil Collins, and David Lee Roth.

Pocket Rockers tapes popped right into our Pocket Rockers player (which we kept on the waistband of our acid-wash jeans), and when we weren’t listening to the tapes, well… we could always just clip them to our shoelaces, popped collar, or onto our spangly necklace.

Presto. We were insta-cool.

Each tape included two songs from ‘today’s top artists’, including Bananarama, Huey Lewis, Bangles, and much, much more. And the players themselves were adorned with that trademark 80s neon color scheme. Awesome.

Believe it or not, it was Fisher-Price who brought us this wonderful little precursor to the iPod, aiming it squarely at the ‘tween’ set… long before the term ‘tween’ ever existed.

When they first hit shelves Pocket Rockers sold like the proverbial hotcakes, but the lustre quickly faded: the tapes were pretty expensive ($5 a pop), and the players weren’t that much cheaper than a full-blown Walkman.

And, let’s be honest, the sound quality was marginal at best. (Put your iPhone at the bottom of a metal bucket, and you’ll get the idea.)

No, Pocket Rockers weren’t long for this world (they were discontinued in 1991), but for one, brief, shining moment, we could actually wear our music on our sleeve.

And we loved it.

We ♥ Pocket Rockers.


~ by weheart80s on August 14, 2012.

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