“It’s underwear that’s fun to wear!”

Not that there’s any reason to pity Hanes, but, dude… how do you pass up Underoos?

The underwear mega-brand was first approached by Underoos pioneer Larry Weiss in 1977, but they turned him down.

Hanes’ loss, Fruit of the Loom’s gain.

In the late 70s, Underoos first hit the market, giving kids the world over one of the coolest secrets ever: “Psst! Hey Billy! Guess what? I got my Shazam Underoos on, man!”

From superheroes to G.I. Joe to Star Wars, pretty much any cool character you could think of was suddenly emblazoned across our undershirts and tightie-whities (or blueies, reddies, or greenies).

Princess Leia, Tarzan, the Joker, Daisy Duke… heck, even the Monchhichis had their own Underoos.

(Um… Tonto? Really? What’s THAT all about?)

Obviously, Underoos were a HUGE hit (we imagine a few folks at Hanes took the fall for THAT little whoopsie), and they still exist today, though they’re generally limited to Batman, Spider-Man, and the like.

Yes, the 80s were the glory days of so many things (John Hughes movies, Madonna, cassette singles) but in the little kid fashion world, nothing shone brighter than our beloved Underoos.

We ♥ Underoos.


~ by weheart80s on August 17, 2012.

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