Sure, nowadays we all know how much cooler Apple (and Mac) is than the, um, alternative… but back in OUR day? Well, let’s just say Apple users were in a class all by themselves.

In fact, we’ll warrant that Apple App Store is sweet revenge for the 80s and 90s, when every game (it seemed) arrived on store shelves formatted for the PC only.

But don’t cry too hard, Apple fans did have some games of their own, too. And right there at the top of the list was 1982’s Choplifter.

Created by Dan Gorlin (who would go on to create the classics Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance and Prince of Persia), Choplifter seemed like Defender, at least to the untrained eye… but we all know what set it apart from the competition.

Yep–– you could LAND your chopper. And (oh yes, there’s an ‘and’!) not only could you land, you actually HAD to… to pick up those cute little hostages scurrying around the bottom of the screen. Take THAT, nefarious Bungeling Empire!

No, there wasn’t much that Apple II geeks could get stoked about back in the day (other than being in on the ground floor of what would eventually become awesome-ville), but every so often a game would come along like Choplifter to lift their spirits.

And no, it WASN’T available for the Atari 2600.

Heh heh.

We ♥ Choplifter.

~ by weheart80s on April 7, 2017.

One Response to “Choplifter”

  1. Omg, played this game all the time when i should have been doing school work instead. I forgot it even existed until I saw this post.

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