Shopping Malls

“Let’s go to the mall, everybody!” – Robin Sparkles

Ah, for the sweet love of everything that was awesome about the 80s, was there ever anything better than a trip to the mall?

Setting aside an entire day (or night…or both) for some serious shopping with your friends (after getting all decked out in your best duds)? Gnarly to the max.

Sure, sure– we hear you… malls weren’t invented in the 80s, but just because something was born in the 50s (and essentially died in the 00s), doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it here… because as all of us know, the shopping mall had its heyday in our favorite decade.

Whether you worked at one, spent every waking (non-school) moment at one, or just hit its food court and the movie theater on sporadic weekends, the mall was THE place. And if you’re at all like us, you know there was no feeling like throwing open the doors to the local galleria and breathing in that awesome smell of Corn Dog on a Stick mixed with Foot Locker.

Speaking of stores, shall we strap on our velcro tennis shoes and walk down memory lane a little? Remember Chess King? Musicland? Gadzooks? Software Etc? Waldenbooks? Sam Goody? Merry-Go-Round? Camelot Music? Sharper Image? They were all 80s retail giants, and they all have one thing in common–they no longer exist.

Sure, we could suggest pausing for a moment of silence in memory of those stores and the shopping mall itself (at least as we 80s kids knew them), but we prefer to instead just look back on the good times…the fun times…the times when we could spend a totally rad day with our friends at Benetton and the Time Out arcade.

We ♥ shopping malls.

~ by weheart80s on April 13, 2017.

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