Shoulder Pads


“No! Taller! I need more height at my shoulders!”

That’s how we feel most conversations about fashion started in the 80s, especially for any woman wearing suits to work. That was the thing about the 80s–power dressing was a thing, and women were totally killing the game. And that’s where shoulder pads come in.

Shoulder pads in the 80s pretty much took on a life of their own.

They started out innocently enough, but as the decade progressed, so did the size…because apparently in the 80s the taller your shoulder pads, the more power you held. While originally they were sewn into the clothes, some genius eventually came up with the idea to attach them with Velcro, meaning you could go from power suit to… well, regular suit in an instant.

(We like to imagine that many of these women felt like Clark Kent getting ready to save the day when they got ready in the morning–shoving their shoulder pads in place…)

While it was mostly women who were rocking this trend, we can’t forget the gentlemen who were bold enough to pad their shoulders as well. Seriously…look at Prince! We definitely love that guy, and he definitely loved shoulder pads.

As the 80s progressed, shoulder pads grew to almost the size of dinner plates, but as our favorite decade came to a close, so did most peoples’ love for the padded pieces of power. Not us though… we’ll always have a place for them in our hearts, and that’s why…

We ♥ shoulder pads.


~ by weheart80s on April 14, 2017.

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