Flowers in the Attic

We aren’t really sure what was going through V.C. Andrews’ mind when she wrote Flowers in the Attic, nor do we think we want to; we just know that the book was wildly popular and that it was later made into a movie during our favorite decade… and thus we’re writing about it here.

In case you aren’t familiar with the sordid tale, let us give you a little rundown.

It’s about four siblings who are locked into an attic by their psychotic mother in order to secure a family fortune from their grandmother. As the years pass, the two older siblings, Chris and Cathy, take on more of a parental role for the two younger children. The grandmother is paranoid Cathy and Chris are having an incestuous relationship (and oh-ho-hoooo! with good reason, Grandma! WITH GOOD REASON!) and to stop that train in its tracks, Grandma chops off Cathy’s hair in the hopes it makes her less attractive to her brother

Eventually it’s discovered the children themselves are a product of incest; their mother was in love with her uncle and decided, “Hey! This isn’t a bad idea at all! Let’s have some kids!” Except her parents were, like, “Ew. Disgusting. No family fortune for YOU if anyone finds out!” So, to solve all of these problems, Mom decides the only way out is to slowly poison all of her children…the ones she’s kept locked in an attic for several years.

Totally normal, right?

We have no idea why this movie was as popular as it was, because man, the ick level is off the charts, but for some reason, we can’t help but love it. And we’re not alone. No, we’re not going to plop our own kids down in front of the VCR and show this thing to them, but there was just something so deliciously scandalous about sneaking out to the theater or, years later, to the video store to check out a movie you knew you shouldn’t be watching.

That’s what it was for us. Scandalous and kind of gross, but still oddly appealing.

We ♥ Flowers in the Attic.


~ by weheart80s on April 18, 2017.

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