POP! …goes Perfection!

As if being a child in the 80s weren’t tough enough–what with the Cold War, tainted Tylenol, and the threat of instant death if you combined Pop Rocks with your favorite soda–we also had to deal with the ridiculous level of stress inherent in one of our favorite games.

Sure, Perfection arrived on the scene in 1973 (and was revised two years later to its more-famous pop-up tray design), but virtually every child growing up in the 80s had one in their game closet…so we’ll go ahead and co-opt it as a mainstay of our favorite decade.

25 plastic yellow pieces (moon, X, stop sign, and propeller among them) all had to be placed perfectly into the red plastic tray before the 60-second timer ran out. If you got them all, great–you got a pat on the back and the admiration of your friends. If not, you were subject to a near-fatal heart attack as the time expired and the tray popped up with the force of a 7.2 earthquake, ejecting all your pieces into the air.

If you want to get technical about it and deny our love of Perfection because of its pre-80s release, we’ll instead profess our admiration of Head-to-Head Perfection, which debuted in 1987. Same game, same concept–only you squared off against an opponent; when you finished placing your pieces, you smacked the bar on your side of the game and launched your opponent’s pieces in the air (causing the same near-fatal heart attack, 7.2 earthquake, etc.)

Happy now?

It was stressful, it was frantic, and it was violent, but it was also heaps of fun. And whether you consider it a legally-acceptable addition to our celebration of the most awesome decade ever or not, we’re standing by it. Because we were children of the 80s, and, well…

We ♥ Perfection.


~ by weheart80s on April 19, 2017.

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