Friday the 13th

FridayThe13thPosterThe 80s can pretty much be credited with the birth of the slasher flick. Sure, there were horror films before our favorite decade (with Michael Myers and Leatherface leading the pack), but the gratuitous gore and sex didn’t really come into their own until the 80s, and…well, let’s just say the kids went wild.

One of the very first slasher flicks of our favorite decade hit theaters in May 1980. Friday the 13th had very little going for it (independent movie, virtually unknown cast, no established franchise to build from), but somehow it worked. And, hey, it did feature (briefly) Kevin Bacon.

But let’s back up. We begin with young Jason Voorhees, who wasn’t the most popular kid at Camp Crystal Lake in 1957. He was a little awkward and he couldn’t swim, and naturally all of the counselors weren’t really at camp to work. Put two and two together and you have a drowned little boy, thanks to teenagers sneaking off to have sex. Thanks, kids. Innocent death could’ve been prevented but no, your libidos were more important.


Anyways, Jason’s mom wasn’t about to let her baby’s death go un-avenged, so when a new batch of kids show up to try and reopen the camp, momma Vorhees makes it very clear that is not going to fly. Of course, a lot of sex is had, and lot of blood is spilled on behalf of poor Jason, who, as it turns out, is really innocent in all of this–just sucked in by his crazy mother, who (spoiler alert!) is eventually decapitated with a machete. Natch. Of course, then Jason has to return to get revenge for his mother and the vicious, vicious cycle starts all over again. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

These days, Jason Voorhees is one of the most iconic slasher-dudes of all time, terrorizing campsites for over 30 years, and spawning sequel after sequel (after sequel…after sequel). Of course, as adults we can’t help but wonder if Jason is really in the wrong here. He’s obviously just trying to emphasize the importance of responsible childcare at camps. What’s so bad about that?

Sure, maybe his methods are a little extreme, but we all have our faults.

Of course we love Friday the 13th and all the gore and sex that comes with it. Even if it did scare our pants off when we heard the infamous, “Kih kih kih! Ha ha ha!” there was no way we weren’t watching it at our Friday night sleepovers. Thanks for the good times, Jason. We owe you one.

We ♥ Friday the 13th.


~ by weheart80s on May 5, 2017.

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