Big 80s Hair

After a decade of long-haired hippies who didn’t care what the mop on top of their head looked like, we suppose it was bound to happen. And not only did we kids of the 80s decide to actually wash our hair and style it a little, we did a complete 180 and then took it to a whole new altitude. Perhaps more than anything else, the 80s were known for big hair. And by big hair, we mean BIG hair.

Like, huge.

Whether you used Aqua Net, Dep, or Alberto VO5, your hair wasn’t ready for prime time until it reached all the way to the heavens and straight out past your shoulders. Permed, crimped, and/or teased to almost unbelievable heights, 80s hair was a veritable thing of beauty.

But maybe the best thing about the big hair that defined our favorite decade? The fact that it united pretty much everyone. Girls, boys, goth, prep, black, white, trailer trash, and richies…everyone, it seemed, did everything they could to make their hair be their biggest statement.

Of course it wasn’t just limited to us common folk, pop culture was inundated with big hair, too. From all-dude hair bands like Poison, Ratt, and Whitesnake, to all-dudette hair bands like The Bangles, they all got in on the action. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one of the most big-hair-est videos of the 80s…Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

Seriously…we counted six different big hairstyles in just that one video, and not one of them stayed within a foot of her scalp.

Yep, the 80s might be known for a lot of things——synth-pop music, neon clothes, Bartles and Jaymes wine coolers, cheesy sitcoms——but we’ll always remember it best for the one thing that united us and defined us.

We ♥ big 80s hair.


~ by weheart80s on May 8, 2017.

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