Lost in Your Eyes

“I get weak in a glance. Isn’t this what’s called romance? Oh, I’ll be found… when I am lost in your eyes.”

Coming off one of the more successful debut albums of the 80s, Debbie Gibson needed to keep it going. She needed a solid hit to prove she wasn’t just a coupla-hits wonder and was simply riding the teen-pop bandwagon in the middle of our favorite decade.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you “Lost in Your Eyes”.

Written in late 1987, as Out of the Blue was climbing up the charts, and “Shake Your Love” was following up “Only in My Dreams” in the Billboard pantheon of bubble-gum tunes, “Lost in Your Eyes” was a sappy bit of love song goodness…simple and sweet but still an amazing feat, when you consider Gibson was only 17 when she put it together.

What were YOU doing when you were 17? We’re willing to bet it wasn’t this:

“Lost in Your Eyes” remains Gibson’s best-performing single, entering the Billboard Top 100 in January 1989 and finally nabbing the top spot for three straight weeks in March. In all it spent 19 weeks on the charts, and it helped close out the last year of the 80s as a particularly good one for the young Miss Gibson.

“Oh it’s like being lost in heaven when I’m lost in your eyes.”


We ♥ Lost in Your Eyes.


~ by weheart80s on May 9, 2017.

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