The Snorks

“Come along with the Snorks, swim along with the Snorks!”

Give Hanna-Barbera credit. They know a good thing when they see it, and in the mid-80s they had us seeing double!

A few years after the Smurfs’ debut, the folks at H-B decided if some was good, more was better, so in 1984 the world was introduced to a fun-loving gaggle of identical creatures who get into all kinds of mischief, have amazing adventures together, and do everything they can to avoid a larger-than-them creature with magical powers.

Sound familiar?

Yup, the Snorks were nothing more than underwater Smurfs. But does that mean we didn’t love them? Nooooo! And does that mean we here at BotE can’t sing their praises just as melodiously as they themselves sung “Come Along with the Snorks”? Nooooo!

Born from a feud between the Smurfs’ creator and the cartoon’s executive producer (who wanted to branch out the little blue creatures from their boring original-comic roots), the Snorks started as a short-lived comic book before landing as a Saturday morning cartoon (8 a.m. on NBC!) and then toys, lunchboxes, coloring books, t-shirts…

Of course we all remember Allstar Seaworthy, his main gal Casey Kelp, and her BFF Daffney, along with the nefarious Bigweed and the Great Snork Nork. And to be honest, it was refreshing to actually see some female characters, since the Smurfs were limited to only lil ol’ Smurfette (until Sassette arrived FIVE YEARS LATER!)

While it’s impossible for us to pick a favorite between the two, part of us kinda actually might have preferred the Snorks…a little…maybe. They just seemed a little more interesting? Maybe funnier? Maybe not as la-la-lala-la-la annoying?

Eh, who knows. They were both staples of our 80s-tastic Saturday morning routines, and that’s all that matters. Love live the Snorks! And the Smurfs!

“So much to see waiting for you and me, swim along with the– have some fun with the– come along with the Snorks!”

We ♥ The Snorks.


~ by weheart80s on May 12, 2017.

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