The Next Time I Fall

“Love…like a road that never ends. How it leads me back again, to heartache I’ll never understand…”

In early 1986 songwriter Bobby Caldwell showed his friend Peter Cetera (recently split from his almost two-decade tenure with Chicago) a song he’d written with pal Paul Gordon. The song was a melancholy ballad about lost love and regret called “The Next Time I Fall”, and Cetera liked it instantly. Though it was written as a solo piece, Cetera thought it might work better as a duet, and he had the idea of singing it with a lesser-known (or completely unknown) female singer whose career he could help launch.

At the time Amy Grant was virtually ignored in mainstream pop-dom, but in the world of Christian Contemporary music, she was revered as the Queen. Cetera was understandably leery at first, but after hearing her voice, he was sold.

And one of the most popular duets of the 80s was born.

The song became an instant staple of lovey-dovey high school kids everywhere during late 1986, and it climbed all the way to #1 for a week in December.

As for the video…

…we’re still not sure what ballroom dance rehearsal has to do with the song, but as long as Cetera could look like a mid-80s GQ model, and Grant could sit pensively in a window——well…all was good.

“The Next Time I Fall” would be Cetera’s last #1 hit, but his plan to launch a “new” singer paid off well for Grant, who would go on to have four more songs reach the top-10 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


“I will know better why…the next time I try.”

We ♥ The Next Time I Fall.


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