9 1/2 Weeks

“How does it feel like to be out of control?”

Back in February 1986, a new movie hit theaters, rife with sex, sex, and more sex. How do we know? Because, friends, we are children of the 80s, and when 9 1/2 Weeks arrived, we felt like we arrived too. Call it our coming-of-age flick—— a soft porn, high-trash (yes it was trash) masterpiece that opened our eyes to all kinds of carnal goings-on.

Long before Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele burned things up in Fifty Shades of Grey, we had Kim Basinger as art gallery owner Elizabeth McGraw and Mickey Rourke as Wall Streeter John Gray (coincidental last name?) involved in one of cinema’s most destructive and passionate relationships.

…all because of that pretty little scarf he bought for her.

Before long Elizabeth was getting blindfolded, dressing like a man for a particularly odd (and disastrous) date with John, and of course, doing that whole super-erotic taste-testing thing set to “Bread and Butter”. Thanks, 9 1/2 Weeks, for never letting us hear THAT song the same way ever again.

Director Adrian Lyne would survive the lambasting that 9 1/2 Weeks took (and man, did it get shellacked by critics) and return the following year with Fatal Attraction (which we ♥), but we’ll always remember it as one of our favorite movies to watch (secretly) with our friends at sleepovers.

Does that make us dirty? Or just a normal kid of the 80s? Or both?

We ♥ 9 1/2 Weeks.


~ by weheart80s on May 24, 2017.

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