Pop Up Playhouse

Looking back at our favorite decade, we often think fondly of popping a tape in our Walkman, cuddling up with our Teddy Ruxpin or Cabbage Patch Kid, or maybe even sitting down on Saturday mornings for a few hours of cartoons…but there was one thing that seemed to brighten our day more than almost anything else.

Of course we’re talking about building a fort.

We somehow cobbled together pillows, bedspreads, card tables, and chairs to magically create our little corner of happiness.

So imagine our delight when Fisher-Price debuted the Pop Up Playhouse in 1987, and all of a sudden the work was done for us!

It came pre-decorated with a glorious ‘Keep Out’ sign painted on it as a warning for our nosy little siblings, and the flap door gave us just enough privacy to make us feel we were off in our own little world. Plus moms loved it, too, since it folded up as easy as pie and hung flat in the hall closet. Genius!

Of course in the years to come, the Pop Up Playhouse spawned all kinds of rip-offs and imitators, but we’ll always remember the best and the original…

We ♥ Fisher Price’s Pop Up Playhouse.


~ by weheart80s on May 25, 2017.

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