Cat’s Eye

Ah, Stephen King…

If someone had to be named the undisputed Master of Horror, our vote would be for him. And while he’s given us plenty to be scared of before and after our favorite decade, there’s one movie based on his work that always seems to slip under the radar.

Cat’s Eye premiered in 1985 as an anthology of King-penned horror. It includes two stories from his book Night Shift and one written specifically for the movie, and it stars 80s favorites like Drew Barrymore and Robert Hays…which makes us wonder even more why people don’t remember it (or never saw it in the first place).

The first story, “Quitters, Inc.”, is about a Dick Morrison, a guy who really wants to give up smoking. When his doctor suggests a certain group with a 100% success rate, Dick jumps at the chance. Unfortunately, what they don’t tell him is that they get their success rate with a very unique (and horrifying) incentive plan. If you don’t succeed, nasty things will happen to your family.

What nasty things, you ask? Oh the normal things like locking his wife in an electric cage and shocking her bare feet, threatening to do the same to his young daughter (who happens to have Downs Syndrome), raping his wife… you know——every day, run-of-the-mill tactics clinics use to help people quit smoking…

Ah, the beauty of King’s twisted mind…

The other stories in the movie are just as “fun” and involve things like relentless pigeons, very loyal cats, and weird trolls that come out of your wall. (Hey, man——it wouldn’t be the 80s if something didn’t get weird.)

While Cat’s Eye isn’t the most popular King creation to date, it still holds a pretty solid 69% on Rotten Tomatoes, and seriously, if you’ve seen the troll…you understand where we’re coming from.

Though as kids we may not have really understood how hard it was to quit smoking or why that whole idea was so terrifying, we did know that the troll who came out of the wall was scary enough to make us huddle under our blankets in the basements on a Friday night. And that was good enough for us.

If it’s been a while (or if you’ve never had the pleasure), we recommend huddling up with a blanket of your own and checking out this little piece of 80s magic.

We ♥ Cat’s Eye.


~ by weheart80s on June 1, 2017.

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