We sincerely hope that Lara Croft wakes up every morning and thanks her lucky stars for David Crane. One of the 80s’ most prolific game developers, Crane was responsible for Activision gems like Freeway, Kaboom!, and Grand Prix. And then in 1982 he created his masterpiece, Pitfall!

The side-scrolling adventure of Pitfall Harry was one the most memorable (and, frankly, best) games to emerge from our favorite decade. And it all started with a little running dude.

Once Crane developed the programming needed to make his guy zip along, he had to put him in an environment. So why not a jungle? All it took was four trees in the background, a few alligators and scorpions to jump over, and the occasional swinging vine…and voila—— you got yourself some Pitfall!.

Take up to twenty minutes to make your way through the jungle, and don’t forget to pick up gold bars and diamond rings along the way. Get all the way through without bumping a log or falling down into a dreaded pit, and you finish with the vaunted 114,000 points.

Pitfall! ended up being one of the most successful console games in the 80s, selling more than four million copies, and it inspired everything from Tomb Raider to Temple Run. Sure, Space Invaders may have launched the revolution, but Pitfall! carried the flag.

Long live Harry.

We ♥ Pitfall!


~ by weheart80s on June 2, 2017.

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