Beverly Hills Cop II

“Uh, my name is Johnny Wish——Wishbone. Johnny Wishbone. And I am a psychic from the island of St. Croix! Yes, I am psychic from the island of St. Croix, and I read in the St. Croix Gazette that the Beverly Hills Police Department having some trouble figuring out crimes. So, what I did was come to Beverly Hills to help the police out!”

When the first Beverly Hills Cop (which we ♥!) hit theaters in December 1984, it was huge. Like, mega-huge. Like, $234 million huge. Like, ‘#1 movie of the year’ huge. So of course there had to be a sequel.

It may have taken almost three years, but in the summer of 1987, Beverly Hills Cop II arrived, and man, did it live up to the hype. The old gang, including the always-awesome Rosewood and Taggart, was back alongside Eddie Murphy’s Axel Foley as he once again broke protocol and went WAY outside his jurisdiction to help the Beverly Hills PD solve a mondo crime.

The go-round it was the Alphabet Crimes, which started with a heist at Adriano’s jewelry store and then proceeded to land Captain Bogomil in the hospital after he was shot by one of the 80s most memorable villains, the nefarious Karla Fry (played by the, shall we say statuesque? Brigitte Nielsen). That’s all it takes to get Axel back on the West Coast, causing all kinds of problems for not only the criminals but also the police…and the mayor…and Hugh Hefner…and those poor saps at the gun club…and who can forget the poor homeowners whose mansion Foley “appropriated” for a week?

Beverly Hills Cop II wasn’t quite the hit that the first film was, but we’ll confidently argue that is was just as good, if not better——thanks primarily to the super-slick direction of Tony Scott, who was fresh off Top Gun. Add to that a killer soundtrack, including Bob Seger’s super-catchy “Shakedown”, and you got yourself one of the better flicks of our favorite decade.

“Lutz and Biddle. It’s like Kibbles and Bits, but…different.”

We ♥ Beverly Hills Cop II.


~ by weheart80s on June 6, 2017.

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