Calculator Watch

Hey, we couldn’t ALL rock the ultra-hip Esprit pull-overs and pegged Jordache jeans, right? No, back in the 80s, as The Breakfast Club so deftly pointed out (more on that tomorrow, by the way), there were jocks and princesses and nerds. And for every dude (or dudette) who adorned his wrist with a Swatch (or three), there were others of us who wouldn’t step out the door without our super-functional (albeit clunky) calculator watch.

First developed by Pulsar in 1975, the calculator watch didn’t really take off until our favorite decade. (Isn’t it that way with MOST things?) From Casio to Armitron to Timex, everyone got in on the action…and why wouldn’t they?

Giving people the opportunity to perform simple mathematical functions from the privacy of their own wrist was space-age kinda stuff. “You mean I don’t have to take up precious space in my shirt pocket for my Texas Instruments TI-25 anymore? Sign me up!”

Are we right? Or are we right?

Sure, you could only perform basic (+-x÷) math on most of the watches, and you needed a finger the size of a newborn infant’s to be able to press ‘1’ without also pressing ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’, and ‘0’ at the same time…but still––math on our watch! Awesome!

Believe it or not (and yes, we totally believe it), the calculator watch is still very much a ‘thing’. You can get this Casio beauty for under $20. Today!

I mean, these days we’ll just use our Blackberry if we need to multiply 45 by 23– but back in the 80s we were all about the calculator watch. Jordache always made our ass look huge anyway…

We ♥ the calculator watch.


~ by weheart80s on June 12, 2017.

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