Need You Tonight/Mediate

“Come over here…”

Any of you who join us in looking back fondly on the late 80s and remembering them as “INXS time” (yes, that’s a thing) no doubt share our pain.

How amazing was Kick when it debuted in mid-October 1987? (We’ve already sung its praises, in case you need a refresher.) And how even-amazinger was “Need You Tonight/Mediate”, the album’s first single, which first hit our ears a month earlier?

Notice that, yes, we called it “Need You Tonight/Mediate” and not just “Need You Tonight”…which brings us back to the aforementioned pain. Sure, despite the flawless segue linking the fourth and fifth songs on Kick, we only really ever heard “Need You Tonight” on the radio, leaving “Mediate” be relegated to the forgotten netherworld of 80s pop/rock.

It may seem like a minor little thing to get all bent-out-of-shape over, but when you have something so good (and as relatively short) as “Mediate” just sitting there already?? Just play it DJs! Come on!

Fortunately MTV occasionally played the songs together, thanks mostly to the uber-memorable dual-video directed by Richard Lowenstein…which went on to win 5 Moon-men at the 1988 Video Music Awards. The “Need You Tonight” section riffed on the Kick album cover before becoming a collage-tastic bit of video genius, and then the “Mediate” part payed homage to Bob Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. Together they made five-and-a-half minutes of awesome:

Seriously…five-and-a-half minutes. That’s all it would have taken for radio stations to play the whole song(s), as it (they) was (were) meant to be heard.

But, eh, we’re just being petty, we suppose. “Need You Tonight” (without “Mediate”) spent a whopping 25 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 including a single week at the top spot in January 1988. And it would end the year as the 2nd biggest song, behind only George Michael’s “Faith”.

Not too shabby…for half a song.


“…like pretty Kate has sex ornate.”

We ♥ Need You Tonight/Mediate.


~ by weheart80s on June 14, 2017.

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