Oh Sherrie

“You should’ve been gone, knowing how I made you feel…”

In April 1984, just seven months after Journey wrapped up its super-huge Frontiers tour (featuring “Separate Ways” and “Faithfully”), lead singer Steve Perry made it known that he didn’t need no stinkin’ band backing him up. He could do just fine on his own, thankyouverymuch.

Sure enough, his first solo album Street Talk went double-platinum, and its first single “Oh Sherrie” was a big reason why.

The peppy, up-tempo ballad, which Perry wrote for his girlfriend Sherrie Swafford, was a staple of the summer of 1984——not just on radio but on MTV, too.

Shot at the Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles, the video opens with a blare of trumpets before we see Perry decked out in Medieval garb. Ummmm….okaaaay? Turns out (in a creative little bit of meta-humor), we’re watching as Steve shoots the WAY over-produced video for…”Oh Sherrie”. The director has his heart set on a swashbuckling princess rescue in a flaming forest of doom, but Steve has other ideas; he just wants to sing his song to his lady. Clean and simple.

Thankfully Steve won the day.

(And yes…that’s the real Sherrie Swafford in the video.)

“Oh Sherrie” would go on to be a big hit for Steve, spending 20 weeks on the chart and peaking at #3 in June 1984. It would be, in fact, the biggest hit in Steve’s career (either with or without Journey) from that point forward. He would never again crack the Top 10.

Now…about that “flaming forest of doom”?

We ♥ “Oh Sherrie”.


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