The Girl in the Video

Growing up as teenagers in the 80s we spent many an hour glued to MTV, watching videos. And the teenage boys among us spent even more time (we’ll wager) dreaming about the women IN those videos.

Folks, we hope you’re sitting down.

First, a disclaimer: It’s not often that we highlight something that wasn’t created, released, or otherwise birthed in the 80s…but every once in a while we make an exception. And this one’s a good one.

Now…what if said there was a place you could go on the interwebs that told you not only WHO the woman was in ZZ Top’s “Legs” video (Wendy Frazier. That’s her in the photo up there ^)…but how she got the gig, what it was like meeting ZZ Top, if she was ever recognized on the street, what she’s up to now, etc.

People, we would like to introduce you to Marc Tyler Nobleman. Well…more specifically to his blog, Noblemania. Well…even MORE specifically to the section of his blog titled “The Girl in the Video”. (Here it is.)

Marc loves 80s music. And 80s music means 80s music videos. And 80s music videos, more often that not, means beautiful women. Instead of just drooling at the videos in his later years, however, Marc took it upon himself to track down a fair-sized smattering of the famous models from the famous videos.

From Signy Coleman (the object of Huey Lewis’ affection in “I Want a New Drug” video), to Wish Cohen (who dressed as Alice in Tom Petty’s “Don’t Come Around Here No More”), Marc found them, interviewed them, and shared their stories with all of us.

Perhaps his biggest coup? Finding arguably the five most famous women-in-video from the 80s…the quintet who posed as Robert Palmer’s backup band in the video for his hit “Addicted to Love”. (Julie, Patty, Kathy, Mak, and Julia…for the record.)

So sit back, relax, and enjoy. We warn you, though––”The Girl in the Video” is an 80s-tastic wormhole of the highest order. Enter only if you have an hour (or three) to kill, because once you stop, you can’t stop.

We ♥ “The Girl in the Video” (Noblemania).


~ by weheart80s on June 20, 2017.

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