The Fox and the Hound

“I’m a fox. My name’s Tod. What’s your name, kid?”
“Mine’s Copper. I’m a hound dog.”

When The Fox and the Hound hit theaters in the summer of 1981 it had been four years since the last Disney film. FOUR YEARS! (Heck, we’re getting two Pixar movies this year alone!) Not since 1977’s The Rescuers had ol’ Walt’s boys given us some animated magic.

So we were understandably bouncin’ off the walls when the tale of Copper and Tod arrived.

Based on the book by Daniel Mannix, The Fox and the Hound was a bit of a weepie (think a kinder, gentler Bambi) but ultimately charming story of two best friends who shouldn’t have ever been friends at all.

When Big Mama the owl gets Widow Tweed to adopt young Tod the fox, we know it’s just a matter of time before he runs into lil Copper (voiced by Corey Feldman, no less!), who Miss Tweed’s cranky neighbor Amos Slade has just brought home.

Everything’s great for a bit, but as the two critters grow up they come to realize that they’re actually mortal enemies. And that, of course, puts a little crimp into their friendship…especially with Slade’s huntin’ dog Chief pokin’ around.

Then when Chief gets a broken leg, after chasing Tod and gettin’ whacked by that train, the boys can read the writin’ on the wall. And sure enough, Widow Tweed takes Tod and drops him off in the woods, so he can be safe and free. And we…well–– we just about lost it.

We like to think that Tod and Copper somehow made some time to see each other every now and again (and the smile they give each other after Copper saves Tod from the business end of Slade’s rifle certainly gives us hope), but even if they didn’t, they had a great run…short as it may have been.

The Fox and the Hound took in a heap o’ cash in 1981, makin’ almost $40 million, and it also helped launch the careers of some future big-time Disney folks, including John Lasseter, Brad Bird, Henry Selick, and even one Tim Burton, all of whom did some of the animation.

…and though we’d have to wait another four years for the NEXT Disney animated movie (The Black Cauldron), we reckon The Fox and the Hound was just awesome enough to hold us over.


We ♥ The Fox and the Hound.


~ by weheart80s on June 22, 2017.

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