Spokey Dokeys

“Bike wheels come alive!”

It’s a nice warm summer night. You’re out riding bikes with your pals, maybe headed to the neighborhood pool, maybe chasing after the ice cream truck. No helmet, no pads of any kind—just tearing down the street with reckless abandon, popping wheelies and jumping every pothole.

And whenever you slow down, you hear the familiar clack-clack-clackety-clack-clack of your Spokey Dokeys.

Yet another fine example of “why didn’t I think of that” genius-ness that made someone rich, Spokey Dokeys (or Spokey Dokes, depending on the time of day) were as simple an idea as you could come up with—little plastic beads that loosely snapped onto your bicycle spokes and, whenever you slowed down enough, slid down and back up the spokes to make that old familiar clacking sound.

Of course if you went any faster than, say, two miles and hour, the centifugal force would just pin the Spokey Dokeys to the outside of your rims…but that’s okay. If you really wanted perpetual clacking you could always just tuck the jack of clubs into your spokes.

Our crack team of researchers couldn’t find any retro commercials for Spokey Dokeys anywhere on the vast interwebs, but we did find a present-day video…just for those of you who may have forgotten this little example of 80s awesomeness.

In their day Spokey Dokeys came in a variety of colors (including the coveted glow-in-the-dark for when you were out chasing lightning bugs), but now these things have almost taken on a life of their own, coming in metallic versions, flower-shaped, and even LED light-up varieties.

We’ll still go for just the regular ol’ original version, though, thank you very much. But right now we gotta jet. Mom’s calling us for dinner.

We ♥ Spokey Dokeys.


~ by weheart80s on June 29, 2017.

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