21 Jump Street

“We never thought we’d find a place where we belong. Don’t have to stand alone, we’ll never let you fall…”

We all know Miami Vice (which we ♥) was “MTV cops”…which of course makes 21 Jump Street “high school cops”.

The honchos at Fox knew exactly what they were doing when they launched their fledgling network’s prime time schedule in April 1987. Along with The Tracey Ullman Show and Married…with Children, they gave us one of the grittiest and smartly-written shows of its day…a series about a group of young-looking cops who could easily infilrate high schools, colleges, juvenile detention centers…

21 Jump Street was NYPD Blue long before NYPD Blue was even a thing. And it also introduced the world to a fella named Johnny Depp.

As officer Tom Hanson, Depp went from unknown actor to absolute 100% dreamboat teen idol almost overnight. And what wasn’t to love? As the pretty half of the “McQuaid Brothers”, alongside Peter DeLuise’s Doug Penhall, he made Jump Street his show, investigating everything from heroin deals to teen rape to life in a gang. All these years later we still vividly remember the Season 3 two-part finale “Loc’d Up” as Hanson went undercover with Ioki (the vastly underrated Dustin Nguyen) and was convicted of murder.

Little cutie-pie Hanson? Murder?? Say it ain’t so!

Eventually the fame and adoration got to Depp, and he quit the show after the fourth season, and he was followed quickly by DeLuise and Nguyen. Holly Robinson (who also -trivia alert!- sang the theme song) was the only original cast member to stick with the show through its entire five-year run…despite the fact that Fox bailed, too, after season 4.

We didn’t even mention pretty-boy Richard Grieco’s brief one-season stint as Booker (which resulted in his horribly ill-advised spinoff) or good ol’ Captain Fuller, who kept the gang all together…at least as long as he could.

Of course, most kids these days just know 21 Jump Street as a (hilarious, sure) movie (and sequel) starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, and they probably don’t even understand why Depp and DeLuise show up for a cameo at the end of the film.


At least we kids of the 80s remember the one and only…the original…and it’s just another reason that our favorite decade was the best decade.

“I said jump! Down on Jump Street!”

We ♥ 21 Jump Street.


~ by weheart80s on June 30, 2017.

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