“Poo-Poo-Poochie, that’s who!”

With all the other wonderful and amazing toys to emerge from our favorite decade, sometimes a couple get overlooked. Such is the case, we fear, with dear old Poochie.

That cutie with pink, fluffy ears (which, for our money, made her look a lot more like a girl with pink pigtails than a dog, but… whatever) scampered her way into everyone’s hearts thanks to Mattel in the early 80s.

As with most 80s toys, though, just being a stuffed animal wasn’t enough. Little girls the world over also needed a whole line of fun accessories, including stickers, notepads, and those ubiquitous ink stamps.

And then, as if the toys weren’t enough, we also got the animated special in 1984. Poochie, along with her C3PO-ish buddy Hermes, travel to Cairo to help a little boy (No, not a girl. We thought that was odd, too.) The boy’s father, it seemed, had disappeared during an archeological dig.

Guess our little pink-eared friend fancied herself a bit of an Indiana Jones, huh?

We’re not quite sure why our beloved Poochie had a shorter shelf life than many of her 80s counterparts, but it’s okay. We always love that cute little white dog sportin’ those awesome purple sunglasses.

Sorry… did we say we love that ‘dog’? We meant…

We ♥ Poochie.


~ by weheart80s on May 31, 2011.

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