The Charmings

“Once upon a time there was a vain queen who was so jealous of her beautiful stepdaughter, Snow White, that she poisoned her with an apple…”

Yes, yes… we all know the story of Snow White. But did you know that the story really ended with Snow, Prince Charming, and their two kids being put to sleep for a thousand years, only to wake up in Southern California in the 80s?

Well, if you watched ABC’s The Charmings, you sure did.

Premiering in March of 1987, as part of ABC’s Friday night line-up (as a lead-in to Webster), The Charmings actually did pretty well for itself. It was silly, sure–– but the whole fish-out-of-water premise made for some pretty amusing moments… beginning with the pilot episode where Price Eric (donning full armor) mounted his steed and galloped off to find a job. From there we had all kinds of zany exploits, including the Charmings discovering the magic of credit cards and Eric showing up for his first day of work at neighbor Donny’s (the King of Carpets!) store.

And let’s not forget the little dwarf who roamed around the Charming house, and the evil stepmother who lived upstairs with her wise-cracking mirror.

After a decent run on Fridays in the spring of ’87, ABC decided to throw The Charmings to the wolves, pitting them against the juggernaut that was The Cosby Show on Thursday nights.

And just like that POOF! The Charmings were done. They didn’t even get to finish out their first full season and had faded into the sunset by March of 1988.

So much for living happily ever after.

And no, we never did find out what happened to the original Snow White, Caitlin O’Heaney, after those first six episodes.


We ♥ The Charmings.


~ by weheart80s on February 23, 2012.

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